A smart helper for your everyday life!

Seems like that amount of problems need different solutions. But what if we made a big step ahead and find out the all-around one?

Hubmee is a cloud-based smart helper whose aim is to let people manage their daily routine in a better and easier way.

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Why hubmee?

Life is so much brighter when you focus on what really matters.
Keep all the needed information in one place
Communicate, exchange and be synchronized
Build your own chain of closest people
Easy life management: tasks, events, to-do lists, and stickers.

Where the idea came from

We all know how hectic our life is. I work as a journalist, own a few informative portals, and working on my new degree. Of course, I take care of my family.

I did some research and asked my friends for recommendations on apps to help me with my daily routine. I was surprised when I saw that there were not any apps on the market that suited me. The idea of creating something completely new would not leave my mind. I shared this with my husband. Since Vitaliy is into IT and start-ups, he became excited about making this idea real.

Hubmee is the one space where your whole life takes place. It’s a smart aide which is there for you. It’s an intelligent assistant who not only helps me remember all the important dates, tasks, and deadlines but also helps me to stay connected with my family and friends.

Svitlana (Lana)
Product ideologist

Hight level of security

Your personal data is in safe and your account's security comes first in everything we do
Data protection
We protect data with multiple layers of security.
Back up
We back up your data daily, so you won't lose it.
Save confidence
We do not sell your personal information to anyone.
Privacy control
We give you the control to manage your privacy.

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